How to Install a Garage Epoxy Floor

Epoxy paint is perhaps the most popular flooring option for the residential garage throughout the US. Epoxy floor kits are used to create the most durable, easy to clean floor surface available on the market today.

The cost of the kit itself is well worth the amount of time and effort you will save in the long run; however, if you do not follow the proper steps to install this type of kit, you may find that it does not install correctly.

If you are considering using this type of kit for your project, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before you get started.

Step #1

Before you try and install an epoxy garage floor, you need to ensure that it is clean. If your floor is dirty, there is no guarantee that the garage epoxy floor will adhere appropriately to it.

Before you begin any painting, make sure that you’ve thoroughly vacuumed the area around your garage doorways to remove all any dirt, dust, grime, or mud. A good solution for this is to use some mild dishwashing liquid and a scrub brush to clean off any excess dirt or grit that may have remained after you’ve cleaned the area. Once this has been done, you’re ready to begin applying the paint.

Step #2

The second step involves using a significantly thinned down coat of paint over the garage floor.

Step #3

The concrete should be mixed thoroughly before pouring it into the mixture. After that, you need to spread the concrete over the garage floor. This process should be done at a slow pace to prevent any of the concrete from spreading too much over the garage floor. After this, you can finish applying the concrete with a roller under the garage epoxy floor.

Step #4

To protect your garage floor from the elements, you should add a protective layer of garage floor coatings to it. When you apply the garage epoxy garage floor coat, it should be at least two inches thick. Once you’ve used this coating, you will then be able to lay down another coat of the paint over the top of it to give the floor a finished look.


Installing an epoxy garage floor is not an easy task, making it advisable to seek an expert’s help, such as Xpedite Coatings in Houston, TX. Using a professional is undoubtedly the best option if you are unsure how to install a kit properly. The epoxy floor specialists will have the right tools to complete the job quickly and professionally.

Ways to Learn about Home Improvement Projects That Don’t Break the Bank

A homeowner’s job is never completed without some type of home improvement. Whether it was time to spruce up a bathroom, add on a room, or fix that leaky faucet, there is plenty of projects which keep handy homeowners well occupied.

However, as with any endeavor, home improvement can get expensive when put on hold for long periods of time. From buying materials to hiring a contractor, home improvement can become very costly.

In order to decrease the amount of money necessary to complete even the most basic home improvement task, it may be necessary to try some DYI (Do It Yourself) home improvement tips.


While most people have heard of Twitter, few have harnessed its power for home improvement tips or updates. Twitter allows a homeowner to post short messages about their progress, which other homeowners can then read.

Homeowners should use this platform to ask questions about the project they’re working on and post images for advice. 

By using the power of Twitter for home improvement blog tips, homeowners can save money on hiring professionals, buy materials in bulk, while increasing the value of their home.


Although Facebook isn’t the leading social network, homeowners should definitely have it on their list of home-improvement tips. Like Twitter, Facebook allows a homeowner to post photos and comments regarding various projects.

In addition to saving money on labor learning how to build solar panels or fix a leaky faucet, a post on Facebook can also inspire or inform people of home improvement projects they may be able to accomplish themselves.


If you are looking for some good home improvement tips, perhaps watching videos from experts on home remodeling could help.

Several individuals create video blogs, where they document their projects, their thoughts, and their frustrations. Videos posted to YouTube often become viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of views in a short period of time. A homeowner’s YouTube channel can contain any number of videos related to a variety of different home improvement tips, including building solar panels or painting a home.

Plumbing / HVAC Websites

Plumbing issues are not the only things that can cause a home to look unappealing. While some plumbers can solve small problems, many experienced contractors can improve a home’s appearance through a variety of methods.

Many homeowners use home improvement tips from plumbing websites to keep their plumbing updated and to reduce potential clogs. For instance, if a homeowner notices a puddle forming underneath the sink, they may choose to purchase special stoppers or sponges to solve the problem they learned about from one of these websites.


Home improvement is an expensive proposition and if you are living on a budget, you probably can’t afford it. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to remodel your home. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on home improvement projects. In fact, remodeling your home on a budget can be one of the greatest money-saver ideas that you will ever come across.

The best way to find these inexpensive DIY projects, is to search social media. But before you get started spending countless hours on the Internet, it’s important for you to know the kind of projects you have and the amount of work that is required.

Get organized by writing down all the projects that you have, dividing them into different categories like kitchen improvement, bathroom improvement, garage improvement, etc. It’s also necessary to list the materials you need for your home improvement projects. 

When you’re finally organized, hit the above suggested social media outlets, search for your topic, and have fun. And don’t be shy about reaching out the users for questions. Most people are happy to help you.


How to Choose the Best Backsplash Tile

Mosaic kitchen backsplash

If you are remodeling your kitchen, whether it’s a major makeover or just a few minor adjustments, it is important that you learn how to choose the best backsplash kitchen tile.

There are much prep work and research that must be done in order to complete a successful project. Backsplashes can make or break a kitchen design. They add depth and dimension, and help create an overall theme or style for the room.

When preparing to learn how to select the best backsplash kitchen tile, it is important to understand these important aspects.

The Process

Backsplashes can be applied using either a trowel or a roller. Both require rough surfaces to work on, such as stone, brick, ceramic, etc.

A backslash can be made from one, or more of these materials. The material you use depends largely on your personal preference, the appearance you want, and the size of your kitchen.

The Highlighter

Backsplashes add an interest level to any kitchen. This is why they are so popular in kitchens that have undergone some cosmetic changes.

You can choose to highlight a particular item or feature in your kitchen. Perhaps you have a large, detailed window that you would like to fill. Or, perhaps you would like to create a backsplash that features an area rug.

The Function

While you should certainly consider the decorative aspects of a backsplash, you should also keep in mind the functionality aspect. Will this backsplash be used as a way to cook food? Will it provide an area to store items, or is it simply used as a decoration? Once you know what function your backsplash will serve, you will be better able to choose a tile that serves that purpose better.

The Tiles

There are many kitchen tiles that are grouted correctly and will look great when installed in a backsplash. However, not all tiles are created equal. If your goal is to create a clean, modern look, then look for a tile with a very high compression count. This will ensure that the backsplash looks seamless and has very little seam line.

Now, you may wonder how to select the best kitchen tile for a backsplash. Well, there are a few other factors to consider besides the compression count. Does the tile come in a matte or an embossed finish? How about texture? Do you want the tile to have a raised pattern, or will it look more flat and simple?

You may also want to choose a backlash based on the materials that the tile is made from. More expensive tile like granite will often come in a smoother finish, but even then the texture can be quite different.

You should also look for a backsplash that is made from a durable material. Marble is popular for backsplashes, but only because it is beautiful. Backsplashes made from granite, stone, or other high-end materials are much sturdier, last longer, and are less likely to chip.

Using Wallpaper

Some people like to use wallpaper as a backsplash. Wall paper will look great painted over your kitchen tile, but be careful. If you put wallpaper down, then make sure it is dry before laying anything else on top of it. Wallpaper will tend to get dirty easily, and it can also be slippery when it gets wet.

If you are going to use wallpaper as a backsplash, then choose something with a low gloss finish. The look of a painted background can really add to the look of your kitchen, but you have to be careful that you don’t choose a background that is too flashy.


The importance of kitchen backsplash tile should not be underestimated. This is the most prominent area of your kitchen after your walls and floors. It’s an area where you will most likely use a lot of your cooking supplies, such as chopping boards and other utensils.

Backsplashes are not only decorative but they also serve to keep your cooking area clean. Without it, all of those utensils and gadgets will collect grease and other nasty ingredients that will make their way into your food. You may not notice it right away but dirty pans will build up over time and when you add spices, fats, and vinegar to the mix, you’re going to find that your kitchen backsplash is going to suffer. The kitchen backsplash tiles will simply look dirty instead of beautiful, and this is something that you won’t want.

If you’re considering getting kitchen backsplash tiles installed in your kitchen then you may want to consider getting them done in a mosaic style. This is a great way to combine the beauty of regular tiles with the beauty of a mosaic pattern. There are plenty of mosaic tiles available online and in brick and mortar stores but if you want your backsplash to look like you’ve gone to a fancy restaurant, you’ll probably prefer to have it done on the floor. The hardest part of having your backsplash done in mosaic style is probably finding the right tiles.…

Simple Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Home

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Every home needs proper care and these are some steps for spring cleaning your home.

Spring cleaning is the time when you are free from work but still have a lot of things to do. Take a walk through your home, and clean every corner and nook. Organize your items properly. Get rid of trash and unused items.

Start with the Kitchen

Start with the kitchen, by removing all the items stored in the cupboards and drawers. Wash the shelves, and wash the refrigerators, and empty all the trash cans inside. You will also need to remove the debris from the corners and counters by using a vacuum cleaner or a wet/dry shop vac for dust.

Next is the Floors

Wash all the hard floors such as the stairs, the basement floor and the tile floors at least twice, depending on how much traffic the house gets. Vacuum all the carpets at least three times. When you are done, sweep the floors and leave them thoroughly dusted. Clean the basements thoroughly as well.

Now the Walls

The walls, especially the windows, need to be washed regularly. Wipe the windows with a damp cloth to remove all the dust that has accumulated over the winter. Get all the grime that is embedded deep inside crevices and replace it with new wall paint.

Use a spray bottle to spray cleaning paste onto the walls, an old rag and a sponge. Let the paste dry for some time, then wipe the walls with a clean and soft rag. Dry wall paste is the best option for this job. This paste not only gives your wall a fresh, white look, but also allows you to seal it with a special varnish that prevents water penetration.

Focus on the Furniture

To polish your furniture, you need to buy some high-quality polishing pads and a polishing cloth. Buy quality furniture cleaning supplies from reputed stores. These supplies usually come in kits, with everything you need. Before using them, make sure to read the instructions carefully. 

Final Words

The most important reason why you should spring clean your home is because it will keep you and your family healthy. Having dust, germs, and hidden bacteria in your home makes you more prone to sickness and disease. 

Another reason to spring clean is that when you’re done, you will have a very positive experience. You will feel good seeing your home clean and tidy. 

Also remember that the longer you procrastinate the more expensive (in both money and time) it will be to clean up your home. Start today!

The steps for spring cleaning your home are just a few, but if you follow them properly, you will make the home look like new.…

How to Keep Your Roof in Tip-Top Shape

It’s important to keep your roof in good shape.

Your roof is the biggest and most important component of the home, but it is also one of the most overlooked when it comes to roof maintenance.

Many homeowners neglect roof maintenance, partially because they are too proud of their roof, and partially because they are unaware that the roof is part of the house and needs regular attention just like every other part of the house.

If your roof is not in the best condition possible, you risk losing your home to a more costly renovation. The roof of your home acts as a protective barrier, helping to keep out rain, snow, heat, and cold. Proper roof maintenance helps to ensure that your home will stay warm and dry in winter, preventing the need for roof repair or replacement in the future.

Roof maintenance includes inspecting the roof for problems, and making necessary repairs and changes to keep your roof in tip-to shape. When roof maintenance is neglected, roof repair or replacement can be necessary in a few years.

Roof repair is especially expensive, because roofing materials need to be replaced, repaired, or replaced multiple times, which leads to higher roof costs. In addition to roof maintenance, there are other factors that contribute to the longevity and strength of your roof. Among these factors are proper roof installation, proper roof cleaning, and periodic inspections by a roofing contractor.

Proper roof maintenance includes inspecting the roof, checking the quality of roofing materials used, cleaning gutters, and cleaning any other parts of the roof that come into contact with the roof. When roof maintenance is neglected, roof repair can be delayed or even unnecessary in some cases.

This is because roofing materials need to be replaced, repaired, or replaced multiple times over the course of many years, which makes roof maintenance a crucial step in protecting the roof from damage, especially in the long term.

Another important factor in roof maintenance is cleaning. Professional roof maintenance should include regular cleaning because it ensures that your roof has no loose shingles, that there are no areas of missing or loose roofing materials, and that the roof is free of debris.

Regular cleaning also ensures that your roof is structurally sound. A weak roof will have more problems and may actually collapse, which can result in significant property damage and expensive repairs.

It’s important to remember that roof maintenance doesn’t just involve cleaning – it also involves repairing or replacing damaged or worn roof materials, such as shingles and roofing tiles.

The most common roof maintenance requirement is the replacement of roof shingles, which is usually best done at least every ten years. Roof repair work is similarly required at least once a year, although the frequency will depend on the severity of the roof repair issue.

If you live in an area with extreme weather patterns, such as hot and cold seasons, you may need to repair your roof more often. Regardless of whether you need to perform roof maintenance routinely or only on occasion, it’s important to be consistent in your efforts so that your roof is protected and your home’s value is not affected.

Whether you need to perform roof maintenance on a routine basis or at a specific time each year, it’s important that you be organized and follow the proper procedure.

For example, when doing roof repair, it’s a good idea to work from the top down, using one corner of the roof to measure and mark, and then work from that corner to the next until all the roofing material has been removed. You’ll end up with a clean line that can be used to replace any damaged roofing material and can prevent roof leak problems.…

The Proper Way to Shovel Snow

It’s important you know the correct way to shovel snow.

The way to shovel snow properly and safely begins with a solid foundation: strengthening your core.

Your spine supports the weight of your body. And because you can’t lift yourself up through the snow, you need to engage your back and abdominal muscles to do the job properly. This means using your legs to shovel.

So how do you learn proper form for snow shoveling?


Start by standing at a shoveling location – whether that’s a driveway, sidewalk, or another area – and extending your arm straight out in front of you. You should be relaxed, but firm, because you won’t be moving the shovel this way (going up and down the hill).

Instead, your goal should be to “dig in” at the very center, making sure that the “digging” muscles are contracted and concentrated on the area. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready for the next step!


Your back must remain straight and your abdomen must relax. You don’t want to tuck it in and become over-toned; instead, keep it tight and allow it to pull you into the posture you’re going for.

To start, you simply want to extend one arm and place the opposite hand on the opposite side of the “back” shoulder. Then use your legs to shovel, lifting each leg and bending the knee so that your thigh is in line with the elbow. This is a natural movement of the body, one that strengthens the back muscles.


From this position, you’ll want to straighten out the spine so that the opposite shoulder is behind the shovel. Now you can drive the shovel all the way down to the base of the snow pole. You may need to stand in a lunge position for this, using your legs to push you forward. Then return to the starting position and repeat. 


Now you need to use your arms for the shoveling, pushing the shovel in by bending the wrist and elbow. Keep your hands gloved, so that you can get the best blood flow and circulation. 


Finally, if you want to avoid getting injured, practice proper form as often as you can. The proper form is getting the snow shoveling job done in the safest way possible and not necessarily in the fastest time.

Don’t shovel right before or after a workout. And, if you need to go home afterwards, make sure that you have some place comfortable to lie down and rest and have a cup of hot cocoa!…

Home Improvement Projects For The New Year

Home improvement projects are a great way to start off the new year with a bang. Not only do you get a place to sit down and plan your projects, but it also gives you something to look forward to in the months ahead.

The list of projects is almost endless, depending on how much time you have. You can start small and expand over the coming months, or even start big and work from the beginning to the end of your year.

Major Improvements for the New Year

A lot of home improvement projects for the new year will involve some sort of major improvement, whether it be a new roof, new window, new flooring, painting a wall, etc. Most people like to start out with some sort of major project, and then work up from there, but with a little bit of planning, you can really spruce up any room in your house.

For instance, if you have some time before your winter freeze comes in, why not start with a small (but noticeable) improvement such as painting a wall, installing some new window coverings, or perhaps even doing some minor kitchen remodeling?

Small Improvements for the New Year

Even if you aren’t planning a major home improvement project, you might still want to consider some smaller projects for the New Year. For example, maybe you’d like to add a new room to your home, such as a new bathroom or basement, or perhaps you want to add some new furniture to your living room. Whatever it is, you can easily do so with some careful planning. With this information, you can decide what types of things you want to improve and begin organizing your ideas.

One Project at a Time

One of the best ways to get started is by choosing one thing to tackle, such as a new basement or bathroom, and then picking a date in which you want it done. Once you’ve chosen the date, you can start doing research into the different projects you could take on.

You’ll find that most DIY projects are fairly easy to accomplish, especially if you start off with good, detailed, step-by-step plans. It can also be a good idea to look at pictures of completed projects, as this will give you a better idea of what you’re getting into. Most plans should be inclusive of easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams, so you can just follow along and work at your own pace.

Final Thoughts

When you start your home improvement projects for the new year, you should always set realistic expectations of what you can do, rather than trying to hit every single milestone. The reason for this is that things always go wrong, and you don’t want to be surprised with something that isn’t done properly – no matter how happy you are with the end result.

Even if you’re able to complete the majority of the projects on time, there’s always that one project that will absolutely not come together, and this can be a real shame, as you would have really liked the results.

Home improvement projects are fun, rewarding and addictive, so don’t be put off by the things that didn’t work. Remember that you are making changes to your home, so make sure that the projects you pick are the ones you want to keep.…

Book Recommendation: How to Paint a Ceiling: The Fifth Wall

How to Paint a Ceiling: The Fifth Wall by Frank Kern is a do-it-yourself painting guide that gives you tips and tricks for making the most of the space you have to work with.

The book that includes illustrations and photos will also give you ideas on other things to do and various techniques to apply to your space.

Introduction of Book

The book begins with an introduction to the kitchen. It explains that you can create the kitchen in to a bigger room to get more out of your space. You do not have to buy a new kitchen when you want to create an interesting area to use to your advantage.

Body of Book

The next part of the book explains the use of mirrors to make the room feel more spacious. Mirrors are just one of the many ways you can apply this tip.

Other great ideas in this section include using candles and plants to create a romantic feel.

When you read the following part of the book, you will learn the five fundamental themes you can use in your space. These include nature, animals, colors, landscape, and sea.

You can apply these themes to the walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, and lighting in the room. Light is critical in painting, as shadows and harsh lighting can make space look smaller.

In another section of this book is how to paint a ceiling. The author provides a couple of sample paintings that you can use as a guide.

These guides not only give you a feel for the painting techniques being discussed, but they are also very inspiring to use.

Rugs are also discussed in this section that helps create ambiance and balance.


This is an excellent book for people who are just learning about painting. It covers the basics, but there is enough here to keep any beginner interested.

If you feel that you might want to hire someone to complete the walls in your home, this book can help you get the service done. Anyone who thinks that they have a great understanding of interior painting elements and the appropriate tools should feel comfortable reading this book and implementing their painting scheme strategies.…

The Best Way to Clean Bathroom Grout

If you have ever wondered how to clean bathroom grout, this article should help you understand how you can do it safely and effectively.

Step #1

Before you begin cleaning the grout, ensure that you have thoroughly washed the tile with soap and water. This will ensure that you have completely removed all of the dirt and debris from the grout.

Step #2

Once the tile is clean, you will then use a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts warm water to clean the grout.

You will first need to apply a small brush to scrub the grout. Then you will need to rinse the brush in warm water. This will allow the soap to get out of the brush and remove any dirt or debris that may have stuck to the brush.

Step #3

When you have finished cleaning the tile, you will need to allow the grout to dry for a few minutes before using a sponge.

To learn how to clean bathroom grout, you will need to know how to use a sponge properly. You will first need to place a damp cloth on the sponge and then start to use it to clean your grout. As you use the sponge, make sure that you are using a very soft and non-abrasive type of cloth as you do not want to damage the grout or scratch it.

Step #4

The next step to cleaning is to let the cleaning solution sit on the tile for several minutes before you begin to buff the grout with a soft scrub brush.


If you are still unsure how to clean bathroom grout, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. These professionals are trained to properly use various tools to get a deep cleaning job done that you may not accomplish independently.…

The Best Scented Candles

Is there a “best-scented candle”? Well, that is a subjective question. Just as finding the best perfume can be difficult, selecting a favorite scented candle can be challenging too.

You may be drawn to the subtle sleep-inducing qualities of herbal lavender, or perhaps you are crazy about the enchanting scent of rose.

Essential Oil Base

It all begins with a good base and some essential oils. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different bases out there. If you’ve never seen them, they are essentially a solid mass that has been infused with fragrance oil or carrier oil.

Usually, you can smell them before you buy them. There is often a scent added to the base, and the smell stays on the candle even when the candle burns. Others use a combination of essential oil and a carrier oil to create different scents.

Essential oils have been used for centuries in aromatherapy, and these are the most common types used today. They are usually concentrated and are used to make bath salts. These are often combined with carrier oils, which can be derived from coconut, olive, almond, or other nut oils.

These essential oils are also often combined with fragrance oil, which makes up the bulk of the product. As you can imagine, this mixture can vary widely from person to person. It depends upon the individual preferences of the user. Each individual’s skin is unique and will react differently to different aromas.

Choosing a Scent

Finally, it would be best to think about the scent of the scented candles you are looking to purchase. Do not buy scented candles that smell too overpowering. Some scents are best used in minimal amounts so that they don’t become too strong.

Hopefully, this helps you find the perfect solution for finding the best of the best. In general, scented candles are easy to see if you know what to look for and how to choose them.…