How to Install a Garage Epoxy Floor

Epoxy paint is perhaps the most popular flooring option for the residential garage throughout the US. Epoxy floor kits are used to create the most durable, easy to clean floor surface available on the market today.

The cost of the kit itself is well worth the amount of time and effort you will save in the long run; however, if you do not follow the proper steps to install this type of kit, you may find that it does not install correctly.

If you are considering using this type of kit for your project, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before you get started.

Step #1

Before you try and install an epoxy garage floor, you need to ensure that it is clean. If your floor is dirty, there is no guarantee that the garage epoxy floor will adhere appropriately to it.

Before you begin any painting, make sure that you’ve thoroughly vacuumed the area around your garage doorways to remove all any dirt, dust, grime, or mud. A good solution for this is to use some mild dishwashing liquid and a scrub brush to clean off any excess dirt or grit that may have remained after you’ve cleaned the area. Once this has been done, you’re ready to begin applying the paint.

Step #2

The second step involves using a significantly thinned down coat of paint over the garage floor.

Step #3

The concrete should be mixed thoroughly before pouring it into the mixture. After that, you need to spread the concrete over the garage floor. This process should be done at a slow pace to prevent any of the concrete from spreading too much over the garage floor. After this, you can finish applying the concrete with a roller under the garage epoxy floor.

Step #4

To protect your garage floor from the elements, you should add a protective layer of garage floor coatings to it. When you apply the garage epoxy garage floor coat, it should be at least two inches thick. Once you’ve used this coating, you will then be able to lay down another coat of the paint over the top of it to give the floor a finished look.


Installing an epoxy garage floor is not an easy task, making it advisable to seek an expert’s help, such as Xpedite Coatings in Houston, TX. Using a professional is undoubtedly the best option if you are unsure how to install a kit properly. The epoxy floor specialists will have the right tools to complete the job quickly and professionally.

The Best Scented Candles

Is there a “best-scented candle”? Well, that is a subjective question. Just as finding the best perfume can be difficult, selecting a favorite scented candle can be challenging too.

You may be drawn to the subtle sleep-inducing qualities of herbal lavender, or perhaps you are crazy about the enchanting scent of rose.

Essential Oil Base

It all begins with a good base and some essential oils. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different bases out there. If you’ve never seen them, they are essentially a solid mass that has been infused with fragrance oil or carrier oil.

Usually, you can smell them before you buy them. There is often a scent added to the base, and the smell stays on the candle even when the candle burns. Others use a combination of essential oil and a carrier oil to create different scents.

Essential oils have been used for centuries in aromatherapy, and these are the most common types used today. They are usually concentrated and are used to make bath salts. These are often combined with carrier oils, which can be derived from coconut, olive, almond, or other nut oils.

These essential oils are also often combined with fragrance oil, which makes up the bulk of the product. As you can imagine, this mixture can vary widely from person to person. It depends upon the individual preferences of the user. Each individual’s skin is unique and will react differently to different aromas.

Choosing a Scent

Finally, it would be best to think about the scent of the scented candles you are looking to purchase. Do not buy scented candles that smell too overpowering. Some scents are best used in minimal amounts so that they don’t become too strong.

Hopefully, this helps you find the perfect solution for finding the best of the best. In general, scented candles are easy to see if you know what to look for and how to choose them.…