The Best Way to Clean Bathroom Grout

If you have ever wondered how to clean bathroom grout, this article should help you understand how you can do it safely and effectively.

Step #1

Before you begin cleaning the grout, ensure that you have thoroughly washed the tile with soap and water. This will ensure that you have completely removed all of the dirt and debris from the grout.

Step #2

Once the tile is clean, you will then use a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts warm water to clean the grout.

You will first need to apply a small brush to scrub the grout. Then you will need to rinse the brush in warm water. This will allow the soap to get out of the brush and remove any dirt or debris that may have stuck to the brush.

Step #3

When you have finished cleaning the tile, you will need to allow the grout to dry for a few minutes before using a sponge.

To learn how to clean bathroom grout, you will need to know how to use a sponge properly. You will first need to place a damp cloth on the sponge and then start to use it to clean your grout. As you use the sponge, make sure that you are using a very soft and non-abrasive type of cloth as you do not want to damage the grout or scratch it.

Step #4

The next step to cleaning is to let the cleaning solution sit on the tile for several minutes before you begin to buff the grout with a soft scrub brush.


If you are still unsure how to clean bathroom grout, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. These professionals are trained to properly use various tools to get a deep cleaning job done that you may not accomplish independently.…