Simple Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Home

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Every home needs proper care and these are some steps for spring cleaning your home.

Spring cleaning is the time when you are free from work but still have a lot of things to do. Take a walk through your home, and clean every corner and nook. Organize your items properly. Get rid of trash and unused items.

Start with the Kitchen

Start with the kitchen, by removing all the items stored in the cupboards and drawers. Wash the shelves, and wash the refrigerators, and empty all the trash cans inside. You will also need to remove the debris from the corners and counters by using a vacuum cleaner or a wet/dry shop vac for dust.

Next is the Floors

Wash all the hard floors such as the stairs, the basement floor and the tile floors at least twice, depending on how much traffic the house gets. Vacuum all the carpets at least three times. When you are done, sweep the floors and leave them thoroughly dusted. Clean the basements thoroughly as well.

Now the Walls

The walls, especially the windows, need to be washed regularly. Wipe the windows with a damp cloth to remove all the dust that has accumulated over the winter. Get all the grime that is embedded deep inside crevices and replace it with new wall paint.

Use a spray bottle to spray cleaning paste onto the walls, an old rag and a sponge. Let the paste dry for some time, then wipe the walls with a clean and soft rag. Dry wall paste is the best option for this job. This paste not only gives your wall a fresh, white look, but also allows you to seal it with a special varnish that prevents water penetration.

Focus on the Furniture

To polish your furniture, you need to buy some high-quality polishing pads and a polishing cloth. Buy quality furniture cleaning supplies from reputed stores. These supplies usually come in kits, with everything you need. Before using them, make sure to read the instructions carefully. 

Final Words

The most important reason why you should spring clean your home is because it will keep you and your family healthy. Having dust, germs, and hidden bacteria in your home makes you more prone to sickness and disease. 

Another reason to spring clean is that when you’re done, you will have a very positive experience. You will feel good seeing your home clean and tidy. 

Also remember that the longer you procrastinate the more expensive (in both money and time) it will be to clean up your home. Start today!

The steps for spring cleaning your home are just a few, but if you follow them properly, you will make the home look like new.…