Your Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall is already here. If you are not prepared, it’s time to start preparing your home for the upcoming season. If you are not sure, then you are in luck. We have put together the perfect fall home maintenance checklist to ensure that you can complete all of your critical tasks for an easy fall.

Task #1

First things first, clean your house and remove dirt from all your furniture. Getting rid of dirt can be easily accomplished by using a vacuum. This step will help eliminate the accumulated dirt and grime that accumulates during the winter months.

Task #2

The next task is to ensure that your home exterior is in good condition. This step includes removing debris, mud, and stains from the sidewalks, driveways, and sidewalks.

You will also need to clean the gutters on both sides of your property. This step is essential as it allows your house to breathe and reduces your risk of flooding. If you notice any water spots or puddles on your property, this is the perfect time to clean them up before they get any worse.

Task #3

One important thing that is often overlooked is the roofing materials. If your roof needs some repairs done, you should make it a point to schedule a professional roofer so they can inspect your roof and make recommendations on the type of repair job you can do yourself.

Many homeowners choose to perform this type of repair job themselves without knowing what they are doing. Doing so can lead to serious structural problems and may result in your house becoming uninhabitable.

It would help if you also had your roof inspected at least once every year to ensure that it is still in great shape.

Task #4

The fourth mainstay maintenance task that many people overlook is the kitchen and bathroom. These are two of the busiest areas in your house, so keeping them clean and hygienic is important for your home. Make sure to wash your hands before eating and wipe down the sink and countertop after every use. This helps prevent cross-contamination and bacteria.

Task #5

Fall also means that your lawn needs to be tended to as well. This can be done with just a simple lawnmower. However, you want to make sure to do this properly. Do not damage the lawn by over-pruning or mowing too much. If necessary, you can hire a landscaping service to give your yard a complete makeover to prepare it for fall.